Automatic Car Fire Extinguisher

Posted: September 11, 2022
Automatic Car Fire Extinguisher
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I don't think most of us worry our cars might explode every time we drive to work or the taqueria, but then again, most of us don't worry we might have a car accident every time we do those things either. And this Automatic Car Fire Extinguisher from Jogoswall, like all the sensors and auto-braking features now built into so many new vehicles to help avert accidents, endeavors to further reduce the possibility of injury and death on the road, tackling combustion and flames while their counterparts deal with impacts.

About half the size of the average smartphone, and weighing just 0.24 pounds, the Jogoswall Automatic Car Fire Extinguisher installs either on the underside of your vehicle's hood (using the attached piece of 3M tape), or on the wiper fluid tank, battery, or engine plastic cover if there isn't a good fit on the hood. Once taped in place, there's nothing left for you to do. In the unfortunate event your car catches fire, the Jogoswall Fire Extinguisher will automatically detonate, and work to put out flames from a range of solid, liquid, gas, and electric igniters.

The Jogoswall Fire Extinguisher activates either when its heat sensitive tube comes into contact with fire, or when the ambient temperature exceeds 170 degrees C. The release of its firefighting agents, according to Jogoswall, will not damage your engine.

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