AutoBoss Car Cup Holder Organizer

Posted: May 26, 2023
AutoBoss Car Cup Holder Organizer
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All the coins, clips, pins, pens, and Cheetos you toss inside your car cup holder for later? The ones you then have to dig around to find while simultaneously trying to drive, text your friend Cornelius that you're running late, and tell Google Maps to avoid highways en route? The ones that routinely end up falling between your seat and the console, or rolling onto the floor under your gas pedal? Yeah, those are the pieces of car EDC the AutoBoss Car Cup Holder Organizer is made to help you arrange, contain, and access with ease.

Well, maybe not the Cheetos.

But the Cheetos Eyeshadow Palette, for sure.

Made by Bucket Boss, the AutoBoss is a cylinder of 600 denier poly ripstop fabric that serves as a catch-all for small items you want to keep in your cup holder without cluttering it up. In addition to an open center compartment, the AutoBoss has 3 elastic pen slots sewn into its mesh-lined interior. It fits in almost any car, truck, van, or SUV cup holder.

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