ARB TRED Pro Vehicle Recovery Board

Posted: March 26, 2021
ARB TRED Pro Vehicle Recovery Board
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You've got to TRED yourself together / You've got stuck in a mud road / And now you can't get out of it / Don't say your traction will get better / Now you're stuck in the off-road / You need TRED to get out of it.

Ahhhh, nothing like a 4x4, an unbeaten path, and a little emo Bono to get me pumped for the day!

ARB and TRED have collaborated on the Pro Vehicle Recovery Board, a toothy track designed to help you unstuck yourself from the mud, sand, or snow. TRED Pro Boards are designed to be durable and flexible, providing traction by pushing a high level of pressure onto your tire, while flexing enough not to crush under the weight the tire / vehicle give back.

ARB TRED Pro Vehicle Recovery Boards come in 5 different color combinations. Because even when you're embedded in a foot of sludge, or freezing your ass off digging yourself out of 2' of snow, you prefer Ocean Blue to Fire Engine Red.

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