Quilo - Fan with Air Cooler & Humidifier

Posted: June 13, 2017
$99 - $119
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The Quilo fan, unlike so many people I know, does more than find a spin and blow around hot air. This all-in-one air cooler and humidifier uses evaporative technology, and your addition of water or ice, to reduce the temperature of incoming warm air, and blow back out a cool breeze that feels natural and refreshing. Like standing at the ocean's edge on a summer day, except with a little droid-looking buddy doing all the work right from your living room, rather than the great big sea doing it from hers.

When the weather is warm, pour water into the Quilo's lower reservoir, or toss some ice into its upper chamber, and turn the fan to high to feel air flowing out up to 10 to 15 degrees cooler than it was going in. Then during colder months, add your water and select the low setting to use Quilo as a humidifier for your cracked lips, scratchy throat, and desiccated sinus cavities.

The Quilo tower is both compact and easily wheeled from room to room at home or in the office. To accommodate phone calls and meetings at the latter, and Netflix binges at the former, the fan has a Quiet mode that shushes its brushless DC motor down to a whisper.

The Quilo's motor build also minimizes energy consumption, and the company estimates it will cost around $2/month to operate a Quilo, versus the $30/month it would to run your AC. Since Quilo doesn't have a compressor or use refrigerant gas, it also releases no harmful chemicals into the atmosphere.

The Quilo seeks crowdfunding here on Kickstarter through July 12, 2017.

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