The Abide Guide: Living Like Lebowski

By: on August 30, 2011
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The Dude makes his first (but surely not last) appearance on DudeIWantThat.com and a finer coupling I cannot imagine. Filled with lessons on life, love and nihilism, this is surely the perfect gift for any Lebowski fan. And if you're not a fan, then you're not my friend.

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The Dude Abides Ugly Christmas Sweater

$49.99 from Amazon »

While I appreciate the idea of this Dude Abides Ugly Christmas Sweater, I think it missed its chance of truly abiding by not making the background a Persian rug motif. Bowling balls and pins are nice and Lebowski affiliated...

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The Dude Dog Sweater

$49 - $59 from Pendleton »

If The Dude were a dog, there's no question this Pendleton sweater is what he'd wear. But. What kind dog would he be while wearing it? St. Bernard? Shar-Pei? Scruffy hound dog?...

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Time: Man of the Year Mirror

$28.99 from Amazon »

Are you a Lebowski achiever? This Time: Man of the Year Mirror is a Dude-approved addition to your bar, bedroom, or office wall. It will give you a little boost when you're down, and a little motivation before your big...

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Dude Exclusives

Exclusive. It's an excluding word only if you're not invited to be a part of it. And we're welcoming all Dude readers to the launch of Dude Exclusives, an online store of discounted Dudeworthy products. Some you will...

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Big Lebowski Dude Rug

$925 from Etsy »

Talk about tying a room together. Etsy shop owner Allie, self-described hoarder and clearcut winner of Best Latch-Hooker on Earth*, spent over 220 hours immortalizing The Dude in dream sequence rug form. Urinate on this...

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Big Lebowski Bowling Bag Bar


The Dude abides. And The Dude imbibes. To fans of The Big Lebowski, fans of White Russians, fans of bowling, and fans of portable bars, Etsy vendor Vanessa Nystrom presents The White Russian Bag, a functional homage to...